2016 Recorded Data Breaches: Summary

Happy New Year! As we say “hello” to 2017 and the bright year ahead – we are continually reminded that data breaches and information security is an ongoing concern for businesses and organisations globally. Looking back on 2016 is an eye opener and highlights that data security procedures (such as Encryption) simply cannot be ignored.

Back in 2016 (which already feels like a long time ago), we wrote an article based around the upcoming GDPR to highlight recent data breaches and cyber-attacks and help organisations prepare for the regulatory changes whilst most importantly ensuring their data is protected.

Our partner, IT Governance identified that 2015 saw an astounding 480 million data breaches globally. Despite news about data breaches constantly being in the press – worryingly 2016 has far exceeded 2015’s figure with a staggering 3.1 Billion records – almost 7 times more from the previous year! Some of these records include data leaks of major household names including; Asda, Etihad Airways, Trump Hotel Chains, KFC and let’s not forget Yahoo’s data security blip that was only recently brought to light. This alone saw the records of more than one billion users stolen.

We work closely with our partners like IT Governance to help organisations understand risks and also implications when it comes to cyber security.

The GDPR is just around the corner

2017 will see more strong data security regulations worldwide, including the GDPR implementation in less than 18 months! With such immense risks being out there, we cannot over emphasise the importance of revisiting data security practices enough. Do it!

By becoming compliant with governmental policies, not only are you reducing the risk of valuable company data going missing, you are also avoiding liability of the huge fines following a breach. €20m or 4% of your global Turnover. Can you take that risk? What would that do to your business and its credibility?

Avoid data breaches! Secure your valuable data with Encryption

MFG feel strongly about data security, as such we are dedicated to delivering a fully managed encryption solution to lower the risk of data breaches and ensure information on your customers and staff is kept secure.

Start preparing for your security measures now, MFG Managed Encryption can help you protect the foundations of your data with endpoint encryption for all devices including your laptops, mobile devices, removable media and the cloud. We manage the encryption for you so you don’t have to. No Training. No Maintenance.

Speak to our expert advisors to get started. Here’s to a safe and successful year ahead.

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