6 Top Data Security tips for the Christmas period

Many businesses will be ‘wrapping-up’ the last of this year’s work, setting their out-of-office auto-reply messages and will be doing the Rockin’ Robin all the way out the door, ready for a well deserved Christmas break.

While our thoughts may be focused on turkey dinners, carol singing and wrapping the last of our presents, unfortunately data thieves don’t recognise the ‘season to be jolly’. In fact, the Christmas holidays are a prime time for a data breach.

Whilst businesses are operating on a thin number of staff, the ICO have seen lots of cases of human error leading to data breaches. When it comes to information security, there is no room for error. Just because it’s Christmas, let’s not forget processes and procedures when dealing with sensitive information.

Kindly, the team at MFG Managed Encryption, (with a little help from the ICO) have put together a few top tips to remind organisations that a little extra care during Christmas, will lead to a prosperous New Year:

“I don’t want a lot for Christmas, it’s just Encryption in need”. Encrypt your files and folders and hard drives to ensure any sensitive information is only available for those who are authorised to see it. Managed Encryption’s Pre-boot authentication means that information is available to those who only have the keys.

Encrypt your mobile Devices. During the festive period; laptops, mobiles and tablets may be left unattended and unused, meanwhile remote workers may be left vulnerable if the device is lost or stolen. Protect information held on all your mobile devices by having Managed Encryption’s Mobile Device Management in place so that unauthorised users cannot access valuable information.

Remind all staff who work from home about home working policies and procedures. Furthermore, make sure staff are aware of your internal policies for sharing information between colleagues (and devices). Encryption can save data from being lost, stolen or compromised.

Check for potential data breaches during long periods of shut down. Have a plan for monitoring information security with less staff. Having systems encrypted reduces the chances of a data breach as well as not losing any information stored. It can often be complicated for organisations to figure out their security weaknesses, but Managed Encryption monitors each device for any data security issues.

Prepare for the worst. What if there were to be a data breach, break in the office, or lost or stolen devices? Keep your customer’s information safe. Having encryption would give you that peace of mind knowing that all sensitive data is protected. With the GDPR coming into effect in 2018, businesses cannot afford to take the risk.

Lighten the workload of your IT Staff. During the festive period IT teams can expect to be kept busy with scheduled office moves or dealing remote staff’s VPN issues. MFG Managed Encryption offers a fully managed solution for all devices. We manage all of your workforce’s devices throughout their lifespan, taking the headache away from IT departments having to manage and maintain a solution themselves.

As always, we remind you that data security is for life, not just for Christmas.

Let us take this opportunity to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from all of us at MFG Managed Encryption

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