About Us

Okay, we’re going to put it out there… We are the BEST at what we do.

At MFG, we don’t just throw around those sorts of statements lightly. But with over 10 years’ experience in building and managing the best service for our clients, we’ve learnt a trick or two… and we have the customer testimonials to back it up.

Over the years, as technology has developed, we’ve changed and refined our product offering. MFG are no longer just an ‘IT company’ where you outsource your IT issues; we’re a fully-fledged strategic partner who understands your unique situation and technology needs, building dedicated solutions that keep you better-informed of your IT destiny.

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Our Mission

MFG want to be the best Cloud-based Managed Service Provider in the UK. With our vast experience in the IT industry, our commitment to excellence, our emphasis on first class client service and our can-do attitude, we’re well on track!

Why Choose MFG?

Selecting the right IT supplier is not a decision to be taken lightly. MFG do not only ensure that your IT systems meet your business requirements, we’re one of the few IT companies in the UK to take our managed services to the ‘next level’.

Our Company Values


Teamwork accounts for a high level of productivity in our company. A healthy team results in happy, engaged and stimulated staff, as well as a vibrant and united workplace.


Attitude helps to develop our dynamic workplace environment and determines employee morale, productivity and our ability to work as a team.


Honesty encourages open and accountable communication between colleagues and customers and creates an atmosphere of trust and confidence.


Respect allows us to treat people with courtesy, politeness and kindness. Respect encourages workmates to share their ideas and use them to build upon our achievements.


Enthusiasm is a key reason for staff members wanting to be at work and helps them to achieve great results. An enthusiastic approach is a critical component of MFG’s success.

Continuous Learning

Continuous Learning helps our team reach their personal goals, often driven by the employee’s passion and motivation to give the best support to our customers.


Efficiency isn’t just defined by the progress made in a single workday by a single person, but our overall desire to ‘think outside the box’ to determine the best solution for customers.

Why trust MFG?

MFG have achieved their ISO 27001 accreditation.  By gaining the ISO 27001 status, MFG have been able to secure information in all its forms, increase their resilience to cyber attacks, and thus, are well positioned to offer practical advice on more advanced cyber security strategies.

Our sister company MFG Managed Encryption has fueled our mission to continually seek the latest technological developments in data security. We work with our clients to enhance their understanding of data security whilst offering unbiased advice.

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Meet MFG’s Senior Management Team

Mark Flinders
Managing Director
Ryan Pulsakowski
Technical Director
Sam Hutchings
Service Delivery Manager
David Bell
Marketing Manager
2018 Staff Awards

We’re proud of our staff’s personal achievements, so it’s important that we let you know just how great they are, right here on the MFG website.