January 2021: Service Desk Update


Hello everyone,

Hope you’re all well.

As I am sure you are all aware, we are still in a UK lockdown, but the vaccine rollout is ramping up with a target of 15 Million people to be vaccinated by the 15th of February.

Time for the KPI review for January…

  • Tickets resolved: 984 tickets
  • Tickets resolved in under 1 hour: 89.63%
  • SLA ‘first response met’ rate: 99.8%
  • Customer Happiness factor: 100%

Reminder: Please remember to complete the customer thermometer survey at the bottom of every ticket closure email. You may have to click the ‘download images’ button at the top the email to see the embedded thermometer.

We had another strong month in January with our first response SLA remaining the same as the previous three months and from our ticket surveys, customer happiness remains at 100% for the second month running. So again, thanks to the Service Desk Team for all their continued hard work.

As always numerous improvements behind the scenes are taking place, this month (February) we are working on:

  • Automated notification improvements for tickets being logged to inform you of your First Response SLA
  • Improvements to our team’s process for notifying you that they are now working on your ticket
  • Improvements to our reporting on statistics for the Service Desk department to help identify improvements

First Response SLA definition reminder: Your first response SLA is the time elapsed from the logging of your ticket to the team responding.

As always, I hope you found this update useful. Let us know if there is anything else, we can do to help or if you would like to suggest any feedback to the team.

Sam Hutchings,
Service Delivery Manager

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