July 2020: An update from the Service Desk at MFG

Dear customers,

Firstly, I hope everyone is keeping well and healthy. At the time of my last update, we were preparing for the eased lockdown measures from 4th July. Suddenly, that seems like ages ago and life has – seemingly – resumed a sense of normality (helped by some warm weather). As you know Boris’ further easing of Coronavirus restrictions – due to last weekend – has been postponed for at least two weeks, so it isn’t all over any time yet.

So, what started off as a Service Desk update during the outbreak of COVID-19 has now turned into a monthly Service Desk update to all Customers. I look forward to continuing this update, even when Coronavirus is (hopefully) a distant memory.

The Service Desk Team have been back at full strength for well over a month and we’re (responsibly) resuming on-site visits. Our strict social distancing measures in the office continue, so if you’re planning a visit to our offices, please use our hand sanitising stations and take note of our information boards.

Time for a service KPI update for July! On par with last month, requests are at the manageable we would expect on a typical working month. July was a busier month than June on the ticket count, with 1,011 tickets closed. 69.63% of those tickets were resolved in under one hour. Our SLA first response met rate stood at 100% and we achieved a customer happiness factor of 94.29%. All-in-all, a very successful month. Well done, team!

Our Admin and Service Desk Teams are still split across working from home and from the office in line with the government’s guidance to “work from home if you can”.

By now, many of you will have completed a customer satisfaction score survey when a Service Desk ticket is closed. We have been monitoring both your feedback and statistics over the last month and are continually looking into areas where improvements can be made. So, as always, remember to rate the service you received on your Service Desk ticket – Excellent, Good, Average or Poor.

Managing expectations is part of our culture at MFG. We are currently reviewing our SLA process and how we prioritise tickets; we will notify you of any changes before they are implemented. Our Service Level Agreements (SLAs) are our contractual promise to our Clients on the team’s initial response time to your IT issues and requests.

We are currently in the early stages of preparing to recruit a Technical Support Lead for the Service Desk. This senior level role is in place to not only support myself, but to breath fresh ideas by looking to improve our existing set-ups, define new processes & procedures and adopt new technology in the business to the benefit of our customers.

As always, I hope you found this update useful. Let us know if there is anything else, we can do to help.

Sam Hutchings
Service Delivery Manager

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