An update from the Service Desk at MFG

What a strange and unprecedented situation we have found ourselves in over recent weeks. I plan to write to you with frequent service delivery updates, at least until the situation with COVID-19 appears to settle down and we resume some form of normality.

My updates won’t all be quite as lengthy as this, but firstly I wanted to provide a quick overview of where we are – from our business management/risk assessment meeting in February, to current day.

As mentioned in previous communications, following the guidance published by the UK Government on 16th March, we initiated remote working for our team on 18th March. We have ensured that staff are fully equipped with devices and remote access to allow them to perform their work from home.

MFG operates using cloud-based systems (including telephony) to provide additional resilience and as an ISO27001 accredited organisation, we did not anticipate any drastic impacts on our service operations – all the while – knowing full well that we were going to be busy with calls and remote access requests.

Like many businesses across the globe, we had to re-act quickly. It was very encouraging to see that our business continuity plan worked seamlessly. All of our service desk engineers were able to work from home at the drop of a hat – albeit in their slippers. It goes to show the power and necessity of a robust business continuity plan.

As I’m sure you’ll appreciate, when you’re used to working in a busy office every day, working from home has come as a little bit of a culture shock to some of us. As the Service Desk Manager, I’ve made sure that I stay in touch with everyone on a regular basis either by Microsoft Teams, phone or email.

We care about the health and welfare of our staff, so we’re also touching base with them for our regular one-to-ones and completing our staff focus sheets, just as we would do in the office. In a way, our one-to-ones have been more important than ever.

We are currently experiencing an extremely high demand as a result of Coronavirus, with five times the typical amount of daily calls being received. Again, we would like to thank you for your patience during this period.

At this current time of writing, this month so far, our service desk has answered 1,223 calls and closed 970 tickets; 76% of those tickets were resolved in under one hour. The past two weeks have been particularly demanding with an average of 94 calls a day. Our SLA first response met rate stands at 99.6%, which we’re very happy to achieve in such demanding circumstances.

Rather accurately timed, last month our marketing team put together a service delivery KPIs page on our website. At the start of each month, we’ll publish our previous month’s KPIs which detail our performance. We believe our services should be transparent – regardless of the situation, so please feel free to refer back to this page to monitor our performance.

IT and communications service providers have been identified as key workers, vital to keeping the businesses operational and the economy moving in this testing time.

Whilst they’re all working from home, we have witnessed our team going above-and-beyond to help our clients and maintain a fantastic level of composure on the service desk. Our team genuinely care about helping others during this period and we’re very proud of them.

A number of our team members have offered their time from 7pm to 9pm to help with planned tasks and help reduce the workload placed on the service desk. Again, completely free of charge for our customers.

At MFG, we’ve always classed ourselves as an agile and dynamic business that embraces change and we look forward to continuing to support our clients throughout this period in just the same way as we always would.

I’ll keep you regularly updated. Stay safe and please let us know if there’s anything we can do to help.

Sam Hutchings
Service Delivery Manager

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