September 2020: An update from the Service Desk at MFG

Dear Customers,

I hope everyone is keeping well and healthy. I think I perhaps spoke too soon when I said “It almost feels as if things are beginning to return to normal” in my last service desk update. As you know, on 22nd September the government announced new measures to suppress the virus. Whether we like it or not, I guess we’ve all got to do our bit to help and remember the “Hands, Face, Space” rules. *Long sigh*

Moving on to the good news!… Time for a service desk KPI review for September. The tickets resolved count stood at 916 tickets and 64.95% of them were resolved in less than one hour. Month-on-month that was more tickets resolved and faster! The SLA first response met rate was 99.9%, which is terrific considering the ticket count was up. Lastly, the customer happiness factor was 100%! A great month! Thanks to service desk team for all their hard work through September.

On the last KPI (customer happiness factor), please remember to keep providing your feedback after each ticket closure. You will receive a ticket closure email with the survey embedded. Note: you may need to click on the ‘download images’ button at the top of the email for the survey to display. Your feedback helps us to continue to improve the delivery of our services.

More good news. We have now successfully employed a Technical Support Lead for the Service Desk. His name is Justin, he starts on Monday 5th October and we’ll introduce you to him via a Mailshot towards the end of next week. As I touched-on last month, this Level 3 support role is in place to help improve the experience we offer our clients.

As you know, we’re continually reviewing our products and service offering. We are currently looking into new backup and disaster recovery (DR) solution to provide a more comprehensive disaster recovery plan for our customers. More details on this will follow from your account manager. Furthermore, we’re continuing to work on our simplified IT support service contract, which we hope to update you on later this year.

As always, I hope you found this update useful. Let us know if there is anything else, we can do to help.

Sam Hutchings
Service Delivery Manager

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