The art of encryption key management

If you are a business that is serious about data security then the use of encryption keys in an organised encryption system is a must. Doing this will ensure the security of your devices in the event of loss or theft and any sensitive information stored on them. The individual encryption keys will all have their own distinct algorithms that make them unique and impossible to predict. All of this makes the use of encryption keys vital for all businesses, large or small.

What is Encryption Key Management?

Encryption key management involves all the various administrative tasks relevant to storing, protecting and backing up the various encryption keys a company may have. A business may have many individual encryption keys within its organisation and the management of these can take up a lot of valuable time. This is time that could be spent elsewhere and it is with this in mind that encryption key management becomes crucial.

MFG Managed Encryption can take all of this important yet time-consuming work away and provide a service that does it for you in a secure, professional and reliable way. Our quality service will take care of all your encryption key management needs to give you ample peace of mind.

Challenges involved with Encryption Key Management

Encryption key management is vital, but can also be a complex process with many things to think about. All encryption keys will legally have a life-span, after which they must be destroyed. Once you have more than a few encryption keys to look after, this alone can take up vast amounts of time and needs careful logistical planning.

Organisation can also be a problem too if your business has numerous keys to keep track of. It is no joke if you have 30 encryption keys but you don’t know which one is for a particular device. Effective key management will successfully protect the encryption keys from loss, theft or corruption.

Luckily, MFG can manage your keys for you and take all of these hassles away. We will make sure your encryption keys are always secure in a fully managed central location. Our robust Tier 3+ security procedures ensure you can count on us for the highest level of vigilance. Able to offer a scalable solution to your key management problems, MFG Encryption Management offer a hassle-free, quick to deploy service for all your devices at a great price!

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