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Why Gain your Cyber Essentials Certification?

These days, cyber security is a big business. Cyber attacks are becoming ever more common, with some of the most high-profile global brands having experienced a serious breach of cyber security; Facebook, British Airways and Marriott are just a few names to recently be hit with a fine as the result of a breach. With hackers using ever-more sophisticated technology, information security isn’t just a ‘nice to have’ addition. It’s essential. That’s where the Cyber Essentials Scheme comes in....

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7 Tips to Spot a Phishing Email

Every time you look through your work inbox, or even through your personal mail, there is a chance you could be opening a Phishing mail. Phishing mails are deceitful communications which are designed to obtain personal information from you, such as usernames, passwords or credit card details. Don't fall for them! Read our seven tips...

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Why Simulated Phishing Campaigns are so Important

Cyber-crime is one of the most pressing challenges facing businesses and other organisations in the modern age. Cyber awareness training can help your staff to understand security techniques and best practices that can protect against data leaks and other threats. Viruses and other malware are a constant danger, but the most common type of attack is Phishing....

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