Become a Managed Encryption Reseller

Do you like our comprehensive range of encryption products? Do you think your business and your customers would benefit from our data encryption solution? Do you want to become a data security specialist? Become a Managed Encryption reseller.

Why not join the MFG Managed Encryption Partner Program and gain access to an industry-leading solution portfolio to help you solve your existing customer’s data security challenges, help grow your client base and help you earn reoccurring revenue for every device you encrypt.

Data Encryption Overview

Encryption has been around for a very long time, but with modern advances in technology, data encryption now helps to secure valuable information for businesses and organisations worldwide – from small firms to large corporates.

The encryption market is growing immensely and with global data regulations changing, organisations are being forced to revisit their practices and policies. Data security concerns are on the rise as a result of recent growth in cloud security breaches.

New regulations force all businesses to tighten data security measures

The EU GDPR aims to modernise Europe’s data protection laws for the first time in twenty years to accommodate technological advances. The new EU GDPR legislation delivers serious financial penalties for data breaches (up to €20 million euros, or 4% of turnover) and makes data protection the responsibility of every company.

So, what is ‘Managed’ Encryption?

Encryption may be the ultimate safeguard, but managing multiple keys and encryption solutions can be a real headache for IT administrators and a source of frustration to end-users. This is where we come in.

No training required by the end user. We do all of the technical work behind the scenes whilst the company or organisation can get on with the day to day running of their business, whist feeling self-assured with the knowledge that their valuable data is secure.

How much does it cost me as a reseller?

With our partner programme you can white label our product and make reoccurring income. With no upfront costs, with MFG’s Managed Encryption solution you can enhance your business portfolio with zero outlay.

What support do you provide for resellers?

The award-winning Managed Encryption’s channel partner program offers solutions, product training, sales training, tools, tips and support to help resellers deliver a solution to their clients.

We work closely with you to uncover new opportunities and expand your sales pipeline, by putting our specialist sales teams at your disposal, whether you need us in-house, on-site or on the phone.

Ask our expert advisors about our partner programme and how to become an MFG partner, please feel free to get in contact. Email:

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