Microsoft 365 Migration for Recruitment Agent in Reading

Simple Recruitment Services: a leading independent recruitment consultancy in Reading

Microsoft 365 Migration Case Study: Thinking about making the switch to Microsoft 365? Read this case study to learn how MFG scoped and rolled-out with a fully remote Microsoft 365 migration for a rapidly growing recruitment consultancy, during the national lockdown period in July 2020

Simple Recruitment Services – Background

Founded in 2011, Simple Recruitment Services (SRS) is a rapidly growing leading independent recruitment agent headquartered in Reading. MFG have been working with Simple Recruitment since the company’s inception and now; Simple operate from eight branches throughout the UK, offering support, advice and assistance to employers and candidates across the country.

Simple Recruitment’s quick growth over the last 10 years has meant for constant change in systems and processes. As such, they have never properly invested in future-proof IT infrastructure.

The business never utilised a server (physical or virtual) for storing information, so data was always local, and the business relied on using multiple Dropbox accounts to securely share information, all-the-while with no backup plan in place, which posed a big risk.

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Consultation: addressing the business needs

As a long-standing customer, MFG already had a great understanding of Simple Recruitment’s business and the technology that powered it.

Any good migration starts with a consultation meeting. MFG met with management at Simple Recruitment to see the direction they were heading with their business, address any key IT concerns and help them identify and address any risk their (then) current system carried.

Beyond addressing individual user needs like mailbox types and tools required to fulfil their roles – more generally, the team at Simple Recruitment were looking to:

Improve communication between colleagues, clients and candidates by introducing an all-in-one system that allowed for more powerful communication and file sharing tools

Reduce or even eliminate files being stored locally on desktops or portable media

Tighten security to prevent data loss in line with the regulatory requirements of the GDPR

Introduce a system with wide UK availability, meaning staff members can have access to the files they need, when they need them, wherever they are

Potentially save costs vs using their existing Hosted Exchange solution

The solution: Microsoft 365

At MFG, it’s important for us to take clients down a route that we’re confident in. It was obvious to all parties that Microsoft 365 was the future for Simple Recruitment. Microsoft Office has been a staple in their businesses for many years. The Microsoft 365 solution would allow them to harness the suite of Microsoft’s core programs as well as a cloud service, allowing their staff to stay connected wherever they are.

The solution was fully demonstrated to the management team at Simple Recruitment and they were excited about the new technology and the opportunities it held.

The Microsoft 365 Migration Scope

Firstly, MFG’s projects team operate a process to check what assets and devices clients have; to ensure they are all up to spec and running the current version of Windows 10 to allow the seamless roll-out of Microsoft 365.

Also high on the priority list is determining which users carry a unique email address to create mailboxes and which users require the full Microsoft suite. You’re not tied to a single plan with Microsoft 365. Being a subscription service also means businesses can scale up of down depending on their requirements and manage their budget by reducing the upfront cost of purchasing one-time licences up-front.

Once these elements were finalised and agreed. MFG put a proposal together to review the new costs vs. their current costs. In Simple Recruitment’s case – they ended up saving money on a monthly basis, all-the-while with a far superior system.

The Microsoft 365 Migration

MFG’s projects Team then agreed the migration plan with Simple Recruitment, before finally rolling-out with the fully remote migration in July 2020.

MFG started scoping out the project in April 2020, meaning the entire project ran during the UK’s first lockdown period. The demand for remote working as a result of COVID-19 only strengthened Simple Recruitment’s decision to migrate to Microsoft 365.

Simple Recruitment Services now enjoy the full Microsoft 365 suite – all regularly updated to the latest software version. Their Microsoft 365 outfit is backed up and powered by MFG’s fully Managed IT Support service. MFG handle the day-to-day operation of Simple Recruitment’s technology, whilst they concentrate on growing their business.

Microsoft 365 Training Add-on

As an optional bolt-on extra, MFG offer all clients the opportunity to have a virtual or classroom training session for a select number of staff. This helps to ensure customers are utilising all the tools and key features available in Microsoft 365, to maximise their investment. The training covers key components including Onedrive, Teams and SharePoint.

Four team members from SRS attended the in-person training session held at MFG HQ in August 2020 – and at that time the training session was properly socially distanced, in accordance with government measures. During the session, we also provided SRS with additional resources for future training and support.

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