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Hello and Welcome!
We're MFG, your Managed IT Support Provider

Whether you’re a new client teaming up with MFG, or you’ve recently joined your company as a new member of staff – we’re super excited to be working with you! As you’ll soon find out, we do things a little differently to most traditional IT companies. We’re not here to keep you ‘ticking-over’ – we take a more pro-active role over your organisation’s IT to maximise your efficiency and plan for your future goals.

To ensure you get the most out of your IT Support and the options you have available to you, we have put together a selection of short videos. Your company has opted for our Managed Support Package, this means your IT is completely outsourced to MFG.

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Managed Support Client Videos

Turn subtitles on/off using by click the switch in the bottom left hand corner of the video screen.

In this introductory video you are going to learn:

  • About MFG
  • About your new IT Service Desk

In this video you will learn:

  • How to raise a ticket
  • What your Service level agreements (SLA’s) mean with examples
  • Quick fix list

Link to SLAs page

In this video you will learn how to log tickets via our four methods.

We recommend using different methods of logging a ticket to ensure you receive the fastest possible response time.

Client Portal Link

In this video you will learn about the typical journey of a standard support ticket using the Client Portal or Remote Agent.

In this video you will learn how to request changes and more about our security list.

In this video you will learn:

  • About our Customer Feedback tool
  • Leaving further feedback
  • Google Reviews

Google Reviews link

Primary Contact Videos

FAO Authorised Primary Contacts: These videos relate to adding/removing users, requesting quotes and account management.

This short video will explain how to:

  • Log a ticket to request a new user
  • Log a ticket to remove a user

This short video will explain how to request new quotes.

Please note these are not dealt with by your Service Desk Team.

In this video you will learn about your account management meetings.

As part of your ongoing support contract you will receive a review meeting every quarter.