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Business Phone Systems from MFG

Hosted VoIP solutions from MFG offer great flexibility in a low cost package with simplified billing.

Whatever your telephony requirements, our phone systems are designed to provide unified communications and telecoms solutions that can easily scale as your business grows. On top of that, we offer professional project delivery and expert advice. We support businesses of all sizes throughout the UK and we can provide a cost effective solution to either fully outsource your telecoms needs or complement your existing internal resources.

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Key Benefits of switching to VoIP with MFG

Reduce Costs

The cost of a business VoIP telephony system is significantly cheaper than legacy on premise or PBX systems.


VoIP phone systems have the flexibility to expand as your business grows. Simply add additional users and lines any time you need.

Call Recording

Record and securely store inbound or outbound calls for compliance, customer service or auditing purposes.

Custom Call Flows

We can design and implement custom call trees with menu options, hunt groups and more!

How will BT’s ISDN Switch-off in 2025 affect your business?

As you are aware, BT released a statement in 2015 that it would stop taking new ISDN orders in 2020 and will deactivate its ISDN network completely in 2025.

Switching from ISDN to a VoIP phone system isn’t complicated. VoIP — unlike ISDN — does not run over copper lines, making them and line rental redundant. The only thing you need is an active internet connection.

Many businesses have already recognised the benefits of switching to a VoIP solution and you can too!

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Don’t just take our word for it…

Ellis Knight is an independent recruitment consultant in Reading.

The business required a reliable VoIP system for approximately 20 users. Whilst uptime and call quality were at the top of the priority list, it was also essential that their telephony costs were manageable and predictable with a simple monthly fee…

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Why switch to Hosted Telecoms (VoIP)?

A fully functioning phone line is important to any business. As well as future-proofing your phone system and remaining unaffected by BT’s ISDN switch off, you can also enjoy:

  • Reduced business phone costs
  • Enhanced features such as call reporting and recording
  • A single and simple monthly bill

Multiple Sites or Remote Workers?

MFG’s VoIP solution can be quickly implemented across multiple sites and is easily scalable. Do you have staff who work remotely or from home? No problem! As long as they have a good broadband connection, workers can plug their VoIP handset into their router/computer and make/receive calls as if they were in the office.

Efficient Call Handling

More efficient call handling means greater productivity and more continuity, no matter how big or small your organisation is. When customers are transferred to the correct user or department straight away, it instills confidence in your company and means the query is dealt with faster.

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Ready to simplify the management and reduce the costs of your business phone system? With Hosted VoIP by MFG, there are no hidden charges.

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