The MFG Culture

We put our people first. We embrace change. We teach.

Life at MFG

Here at MFG, we believe there is no other IT company that offers the level of service that we provide to clients – on top of that, we’ve created an awesome lifestyle for our staff to reward the people who make MFG so great. Working at MFG means being part of a proud family and a thriving culture.

Our company values make us who we are. As we change and grow, the beliefs that are most important to us remain the same. Putting teamwork first, being honest, enthusiastic, respectful and embracing change doesn’t only benefit our staff and clients, but changes the way fellow IT companies operate, and thus makes our industry better.

Work with MFG

Our Values make us TEACHERs

TEACHER is a phrase we adopt as part of our everyday working life. We believe that these values will help us become more successful in achieving business-minded goals. TEACHER is a clever (and rather convenient) little acronym made up of our seven company values which were decided upon, by our team, in mid-2018 amongst a period of growth and change within our company.


Teamwork accounts for a high level of productivity in our company. A healthy team results in happy, engaged and stimulated staff, as well as a vibrant and united workplace.

Continuous Learning

Continuous Learning helps our team reach their personal goals, often driven by the employee’s passion and motivation to give the best support to our customers.


Respect allows us to treat people with courtesy, politeness and kindness. Respect encourages workmates to share their ideas and use them to build upon our achievements.


Enthusiasm is a key reason for staff members wanting to be at work and helps them to achieve great results. An enthusiastic approach is a critical component of MFG’s success.


Honesty encourages open and accountable communication between colleagues and customers and creates an atmosphere of trust and confidence.


Attitude helps to develop our dynamic workplace environment and determines employee morale, productivity and our ability to work as a team.


Efficiency isn’t just defined by the progress made in a single workday by a single person, but our overall desire to ‘think outside the box’ to determine the best solution for customers.

MFG Charity of the Year

It’s always good to ‘give back’ and raise funds for a deserving cause. As such, MFG proudly runs a company ‘charity of the year’ scheme. Running, walking, swimming or dressing up; you name it – if it means raising money for our chosen charity of the year; we’ll give it a go!

Our Charity of the Year

The MFG Culture. We practice what we preach.

It’s #MentalHealthAwarenessWeek!

The past year hasn’t been easy for anyone, so raising awareness and prioritising mental health has never been so important. So get involved and help spread #MentalHealthAwareness.

This year’s theme is nature! So, we would love to see you out and about this week whether it’s on a walk, run or bike ride. Perhaps take a steady stroll on your lunch break to get outside and focus on yourself away from work.🍃 If you’re in the office maybe you and your colleagues could grab a quick coffee break outside☕

Take time out and focus on yourself this week, after all you deserve it- you're doing great!🌻

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Wishing a massive Happy Birthday to Tracey Bull, Financial Administrator🎉

We hope you have a wonderful day. Everyone at MFG would like to wish you a very Happy Birthday! 💙

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Wishing a massive Happy Birthday to Maureen Anker, Administrator🎉

We hope you have a wonderful day. Everyone at MFG would like to wish you a very Happy Birthday! 💙

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Celebrating 2 years at MFG, Yassi El Badawi- Senior Support Engineer💙
Here's to another great year for the Service Desk Team😀

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Today we are celebrating the wonderful women of MFG #internationalwomensday! 🙋‍♀️✨

Thanks to you ladies for all that you do 💙

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Celebrating an amazing 10 years at MFG, Chris Hurdle - Workshop Co-ordinator💙
Here's to another great year for the Projects Team😀⭐

Thank you Chris 👏🔟

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