The MFG Culture

Life at MFG

We put our people first. We embrace change. We teach.

Here at MFG, we believe there is no other IT company that offers the level of service that we provide to clients – on top of that, we’ve created an awesome lifestyle for our staff to reward the people who make MFG so great. Working at MFG means being part of a proud family and a thriving culture.

Our company values make us who we are. As we change and grow, the beliefs that are most important to us remain the same. Putting teamwork first, being honest, enthusiastic, respectful and embracing change doesn’t only benefit our staff and clients, but changes the way fellow IT companies operate, and thus makes our industry better.

Our Values make us TEACHERs

TEACHER is a phrase we adopt as part of our everyday working life. We believe that these values will help us become more successful in achieving business-minded goals. TEACHER is a clever (and rather convenient) little acronym made up of our seven company values which were decided upon, by our team, in mid-2018 amongst a period of growth and change within our company.


Teamwork accounts for a high level of productivity in our company. A healthy team results in happy, engaged and stimulated staff, as well as a vibrant and united workplace.

Continuous Learning

Continuous Learning helps our team reach their personal goals, often driven by the employee’s passion and motivation to give the best support to our customers.


Respect allows us to treat people with courtesy, politeness and kindness. Respect encourages workmates to share their ideas and use them to build upon our achievements.


Enthusiasm is a key reason for staff members wanting to be at work and helps them to achieve great results. An enthusiastic approach is a critical component of MFG’s success.


Honesty encourages open and accountable communication between colleagues and customers and creates an atmosphere of trust and confidence.


Attitude helps to develop our dynamic workplace environment and determines employee morale, productivity and our ability to work as a team.


Efficiency isn’t just defined by the progress made in a single workday by a single person, but our overall desire to ‘think outside the box’ to determine the best solution for customers.

MFG Charity of the Year

It’s always good to ‘give back’ and raise funds for a deserving cause. As such, MFG proudly runs a company ‘charity of the year’ scheme. Running, walking, swimming or dressing up; you name it – if it means raising money for our chosen charity of the year; we’ll give it a go!

Our Charity of the Year

The MFG Culture. We practice what we preach.

Instagram post 2152184904413154856_3500428066 Big shout out to Ben Singyard (Benjamino) on his recent #promotion to Project Manager at MFG UK. 
Ben has been with us for 5 years and has majorly contributed to our continuous growth over this period. Ben is now responsible for managing the MFG Projects Team, implementing various IT solutions for our clients, from Office 365 migrations to IT infrastructure upgrades.

Cheers Ben and thanks for your continued #hardwork!

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Instagram post 2151498321552993420_3500428066 Today is #WorldMentalHealthDay. MFG will be be supporting World Mental Health Day with the aim of raising good mental health in our workplace. To help, we've got a feel good playlist on the radio and we've got our office windows wide open to take advantage of the daylight before those winter evenings set-in.

We've encouraged our staff to take some time out today to utilise the games room, grab a bag of sweeties or take lunch with a colleague and go for a brisk walk... And our Workshop Co-ordinator, Chris is also on hand for free hugs.

Mental Health is serious we strive to make MFG an open and safe place to work. We want to set a good example to other businesses in our industry.

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Instagram post 2137075882476778590_3500428066 ***MFG Bake Off 2019!*** We would like to thank MFG's wonderful Daniel Gavrilov (Service Desk Engineer) for these wonderful cookies made with Oatmeal, Banana, Raspberry & Chocolate Chips, with a bit of honey and cinnamon... But for short, we're calling them "Dan's Cookie Burgers". Find out who's our star baker next week!

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Instagram post 2129056073185654869_3500428066 Every good company needs a Dave... but our Dave is better than yours. Sending our Marketing Manager, Dave lots of love on his Birthday today! 🎈🎉 #dave #culture #mfg #staff #itsupport #birthday #teamwork
Instagram post 2126252581390097068_3500428066 The perks of owning a sensible car: Huge savings in fuel costs. Mark just filled Penny up from empty and it only cost him £3.50. Be like Mark. Save the planet.
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Instagram post 2126193707672684971_3500428066 Big news at MFG HQ. Our MD, @markflinders75 has made a bold move in his attempt to save the planet and traded in his old diesel for this stylish and economical little run-around. We've named Mark's new car 'Penny'. We think Mark and Penny make a beautiful pair. We would like to thank everyone at @fiat for making this possible.

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