Cyber Security is for Life – Not Just October!

October was a special month in the business of Cyber Security. In line with Europe’s Cyber Security Awareness Month (ESCM) and the National Cybersecurity Awareness Month (NCSAM) campaign in the USA, MFG have also been showing their commitment to Cyber Security in October by offering free phishing tests and external vulnerability scans.

But!… as we fully appreciate that Cyber Security is for Life and not just for October, we’ve decided to extend our Cyber Awareness campaign until the end of November 2019. That’s right – Brexit isn’t the only thing to be delayed this October!

So from now until Friday 29th November 2019, MFG are offering new and existing clients a free phishing campaign and/or a free external vulnerability scan – designed to test both your technical and human resilience to cyber security threats.

Here’s what one of our new clients, Philip Harrison from Plimsoll Publishing said about our free Phishing test:

Great company easy to work with, Ash was very helpful in designing the Phishing Campaign and has been key to making the company aware about how prepared we are for Cyber threats.

How do I claim the free Cyber Security offers?

Get your free phishing test here.
Get your free external vulnerability scan here.

Whilst powerful learning practices such as phishing tests and cyber awareness programs are designed to test your staff’s human resilience to cyber security threats, external vulnerability scans highlight technical weaknesses that, in some cases, are often identified when it’s too late.

As you know, at MFG, we have a huge commitment to cyber security. We believe all companies need to train their employees to identify and prevent cyber threats – regardless of their resources or budgets… And since, as we say “Cyber Security is for Life, not just October”, our key objective is to help businesses raise awareness of cyber security threats and promote good cyber security processes ­– for life.

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