External Vulnerability Scanning

Offering a proactive approach to finding vulnerabilities before an attacker does
External Vulnerability Scan of your network perimeter

Whilst powerful learning practices such as phishing tests and cyber awareness programs are designed to test your staff’s human resilience to cyber security threats, external vulnerability scans highlight technical weaknesses that, in some cases, are often identified when it’s too late – and furthermore the scan allows the chance for businesses to get a fresh perspective over their IT infrastructure and security processes.

Why do an External Vulnerability Scan?

You need to identify your vulnerabilities before an attacker does. An external vulnerability scan is a top priority of any reliable vulnerability management process.

It starts with the identification of vulnerabilities. Then an evaluation of the risk posed by any vulnerabilities identified. After that, the treatment of any identified vulnerabilities. And lastly, the reporting on vulnerabilities and how they have been handled.

Identification of Vulnerabilities

Treatment of Identified Vulnerabilities

Reporting on Vulnerabilities

How do MFG’s External Vulnerability Scans Work?

MFG uses a range of vulnerability scanning tools to create an inventory of all external systems and devices connected to your public network including: servers, virtual machines, containers and firewalls.

The external vulnerability scan is carried out from outside an organisation’s network. The scan will also seek to identify the operating system devices on the network along with other attributes such as open ports and user accounts. The scan also helps organisations discover and fix security issues that could potentially enable attackers to gain access to the network.

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"Great company easy to work with"

Great company easy to work with, Ash was very helpful in designing the Phishing Campaign has been key to making the company aware about how prepared we are for Cyber threats.

Philip Harrison

Market Research Analyst, Plimsoll Publishing Ltd

"Phishing campaign delivered invaluable insight"

MFG's free Phishing campaign delivered an invaluable insight into how our staff reacted to potentially dangerous phishing attempts. The results of the Phishing campaign were worrying, it has highlighted areas of concern with our employees’ knowledge of cyber security awareness. We have now reacted accordingly in order to improve the shape of our internal cyber security program. We were very pleased with the campaign and will continue to run MFG's phishing tests to prove the effectiveness of our cyber security training.

Richard Jackson

Compliance Manager, Finch Group

On our way to GDPR compliance

“MFG were great. Their fixed cost Cyber Essentials program guided us through the Cyber Essentials certification with ease and we’re on our way to GDPR compliance as a result.”

Peter Olive

CEO, Vortex6

Scan your way to Compliance

Depending on the nature of your business, there could be several regulatory requirements that you need to adhere to. Internal and external network vulnerability scans are required at least quarterly and after any significant change in the network to satisfy current PCI DSS requirements (PCI Requirement).

When looking at the Cyber Essentials accreditations, an external vulnerability scan of your network is required for the standard certification, to check that your organisation has limited its exposure to common cyber-attacks.

Not observing the processes laid out by the certifying bodies and not demonstrating your commitment to cyber security could have knock-on consequences such as upsetting your customers in the event of a data breach, and also not being able to tender for new business, including some government contracts.

Recurring Scanning and eLearning with MFG

MFG’s clients who participate in regular managed external vulnerability scans can rest easy and focus on the core of their business, knowing their network is being routinely scanned for new vulnerabilities. They receive detailed reports and remedial recommendations. Those with fully managed IT solutions also gain access to periodic, pro-active cyber security reviews with our cyber security specialists. 

No external vulnerability scan would be beneficial without accessing your internal threats first! We recommend running the vulnerability scans together with routine Cyber Awareness Training.

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