Penetration Tests

Designed to help you detect, manage and mitigate cyber security risks

Four in ten UK businesses were hit by a cyber attack or security breach in 2021

No business can guarantee safety from a cyber attack. With worldwide organisations becoming more reliant on technology than ever, this intensifies the opportunity for cyber criminals to take advantage. Cyber criminals are constantly looking for new ways to exploit vulnerable businesses, so it’s important that your IT security systems are regularly reassessed.

Our penetration testing and cyber security assessment services have been developed by Air IT’s specialist Cyber Security division ‘Air Sec’, designed to help keep your IT infrastructure as secure as possible and defend against any evolving vulnerabilities.

Benefits of Penetration Testing

Identify and Manage

Helps you identify and manage your risks in a controlled environment before cyber criminals can exploit

Demonstrates Responsibility

It demonstrates your responsibility to clients, partners and staff that you take cyber security seriously; helping you to build trust

Identify Weaknesses

Allows you to continually access your IT systems and identify weaknesses and opportunities for improvement

What is Penetration Testing?

A penetration test (or ‘pen test’ for short) is designed to uncover any potential weaknesses in your IT Systems that could be exploited and used against you and your business.

What’s involved in a Penetration test?

Pen tests will be carried out by a professional who ethically replicates the tactics of a malicious cyber criminal. Our experts carefully use the same tactics, techniques and procedures used by cyber criminals in the real-world, in a safe and controlled manner which ensures no harm or damage to your systems.

Is it safe?

Our team are fully certified by industry-respected organisations such as Offensive Security, CREST and EC-Council. As a CREST member, our team has met the requirements of a rigorous application process.

Types of Penetration Testing

Internal Penetration Testing 

Internal pen tests assess your security through the inside of your organisation. The aim is to discover what an attacker would see if they’ve already managed to penetrate the external security (Firewall) for your business, or managed to obtain remote access, or even a rogue employee who attempts to cause disruption to the system or steal valuable data for their own gain.

During an internal penetration test, our experts will emulate the actions and objectives of the criminal in order to identify risk and protect your business from real-life, business-damaging illegal activity.

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External Penetration Testing 

As part of an external penetration test, we identify any issues that could lead to a breach of your external network perimeter.

Our team of experts assess your business infrastructure from outside by exploiting vulnerabilities or gaps in your Firewall, business applications, email servers or DNS.

With the outcome of the external penetration test in hand, our team are then able to make security recommendations and proactively fix security vulnerabilities, helping you to manage and improve your security posture and keep unwanted attackers and intruders at bay.

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How often should I carry out penetration testing?

Organisations that need to comply with standards such as ISO 27001 must carry out penetration tests at least once a year, but in a world fuelled by technology, we recommend that you carry these out as often as you can to ensure your business is as secure as possible against the ever-evolving threats, enabling you to stay one step ahead.

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