Phishing Tests

Reduce your biggest cyber security threat with simulated Phishing attacks
Phishing attack simulation and training for your staff

Most cyber attacks are caused as the result of a successful phishing email. MFG set out to both test and educate your staff through a series of automated real-time attack simulations. We recommend running these phishing tests in parallel with our Cyber Awareness course, which will test the effectiveness of their training.

Why run Phishing Tests with MFG?

Employee Awareness

Boost employee cyber security awareness in a meaningful and controlled environment

Reduce Cyber Risk

Phishing simulations help to reduce the risk of a cyber attack

Report on your Risks

Understand the security risks for your business and demonstrate a return on your investment

Custom Phishing Emails

MFG get to know your business and tailor phishing campaigns around real-life scenarios

Effective Phishing Tests

Phishing simulation tests have been proven to double employee awareness vs running cyber awareness training alone, but what makes for an effective phishing test?

Measuring the effectiveness and the success of a phishing test at your workplace can quite literally be the difference of being a victim of cyber crime or not.

Phishing providers create mock phishing emails and webpages that are then sent to employees. However, reports of successful phishing attacks show that cyber attackers are going to new lengths to attempt to trick staff. MFG work closely with their clients to get to know their business and tailor phishing campaigns around real-life scenarios and not just generic, randomly generated emails.

These emails aren’t designed to purposefully trick staff. We believe these more realistic fake attacks help employees understand and identify the different forms of phishing attack and deal with them in a meaningful, controlled environment.

Let's Talk about Phishing

"Great company easy to work with"

Great company easy to work with, Ash was very helpful in designing the Phishing Campaign has been key to making the company aware about how prepared we are for Cyber threats.

Philip Harrison

Market Research Analyst, Plimsoll Publishing Ltd

"Phishing campaign delivered invaluable insight"

MFG's free Phishing campaign delivered an invaluable insight into how our staff reacted to potentially dangerous phishing attempts. The results of the Phishing campaign were worrying, it has highlighted areas of concern with our employees’ knowledge of cyber security awareness. We have now reacted accordingly in order to improve the shape of our internal cyber security program. We were very pleased with the campaign and will continue to run MFG's phishing tests to prove the effectiveness of our cyber security training.

Richard Jackson

Compliance Manager, Finch Group

On our way to GDPR compliance

“MFG were great. Their fixed cost Cyber Essentials program guided us through the Cyber Essentials certification with ease and we’re on our way to GDPR compliance as a result.”

Peter Olive

CEO, Vortex6

Who and How to Phish

Everyone. We’re all vulnerable to phishing schemes. In most cases, cyber criminals send deceptive emails that appear as legitimate emails between colleagues in an attempt to gain login credentials, pay hoax invoices or to infect network endpoints with malware.

As a company MFG operate an ‘above the line’ policy. Also, ‘honesty’ and ‘respect’ are two of our core company values. As such, we offer practical advice to business owners and managers on how to effectively test and train their staff, as not to conflict with staff productivity and moral.

Don't forget the Security Awareness Training!

No phishing tests would be beneficial and measurable without good Cyber Awareness Training. The purpose of MFG’s security awareness e-Learning training is to stop your employees from causing security incidents. All training courses are certified under the GCHQ GCT scheme and accredited by IISP and CPD credited for Continuous Professional Development (CPD). 

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