Encryption Features within Cyber Security Infographic by NCSC

The National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) helps businesses and individuals in the UK to protect themselves from cyber-attacks and improve security processes by implementing appropriate technical and organisational measures.

With a vision to make the UK the safest place to live and do business online, the NCSC is frequently communicating with citizens and organisations though simple, yet effective marketing campaigns and messages. We often refer our staff, partners and customers to this neat little infographic (produced in October 2017 by the NCSC) that features some low cost and simple techniques that can improve cyber security within your organisation.

This advice has been produced to help small businesses protect themselves from the most common cyber-attacks. The five topics covered are easy to understand and cost little to implement.

The NCSC recommends: “make sure all laptops, MACs and PCs use encryption products that require a password to boot”. As you know – MFG Managed Encryption provides secure, centrally managed data protection for laptops, mobiles, PCs, tablets and more. Furthermore with a detailed auditing system, you can prove that encryption is enabled at all times.

As a reliable IT company, you should be taking the proactive steps to advise your clients on the benefits of data encryption as a technical measure for the GDPR and Data Protection Act of 2018 and to help protect themselves from cyber-attacks.

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Small Business Guide on Data Security by The National Cyber Security Centre

National Cyber Security Centre Small Business Guide

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