Free External Vulnerability Scan

Free External Vulnerability Scan offer has now ended.

As part of MFG’s Cyber Security Awareness Month campaign, we’re offering new and existing customers a FREE External Vulnerability Scan of your network perimeter, offering a proactive approach to finding vulnerabilities before an attacker does. We’re running the free scan offer until 29th November 2019.

What is an External Vulnerability Scan?

As the name suggests, an external vulnerability scan is carried out from outside an organisation’s network (by MFG). These scans can detect vulnerabilities in your network including open ports in your firewall. The scan also helps organisations discover and fix security issues that could potentially enable attackers to gain access to the network – and furthermore the scan allows the chance for businesses to get a fresh perspective over their IT infrastructure and security processes.

MFG’s uses a range of vulnerability scanning tools to create an inventory of all external systems and devices connected to your public network including: servers, virtual machines, containers and firewalls. The scan will also seek to identify the operating system devices on the network along with other attributes such as open ports and user accounts.

Why do an External Vulnerability Scan?

Well, that’s easy. You need to identify your vulnerabilities before an attacker does. It’s the first step of any reliable vulnerability management process.

It starts with the identification of vulnerabilities. Then an evaluation of the risk posed by any vulnerabilities identified. After that, the treatment of any identified vulnerabilities. And lastly, the reporting on vulnerabilities and how they have been handled.

Why are MFG offering a Free Scan?

At MFG, we have a huge commitment to cyber security. We believe all companies need to train their employees to identify and prevent cyber threats – regardless of their resources or budgets. Since it’s National Cyber Awareness Month, our key objective is to help businesses raise awareness of cyber security threats and promote good cyber security processes.

Free External Vulnerability Scans are subject to T&Cs and in cases where your business does not qualify for the free scan, we will try our very best to find a suitable option to help your business fight cyber-crime.

Terms and Conditions

  1. One free external vulnerability scan per company, for recurring scans please speak to a sales advisor for pricing based on your network scale.
  2. Maximum of 8 IP addresses (for free scan).
  3. Free external vulnerability scans available until 29th November 2019.
  4. By signing up for a free external vulnerability scan, your primary site contact may receive information about related cyber security services.

What Happens After the Scan?

The results and findings of the scan will be presented to you in a report, together with some completely customised, honest and no-obligation advice on cyber security procedures that would benefit your business.

After that, MFG would recommend monthly, quarterly, bi-annually or annually (at a minimum) scans to ensure continuous protection.

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Submit your details below and a member of our team will contact you to set up the external scan of your network. For more information give us a call on 0118 914 8800 (opt 1).


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