ICO Recommends Encryption as Top IT Security Tip

We often preach about the good of work of the ICO. The ICO is the UK’s independent authority set up to uphold information rights in the interest of the public. With data breaches on the rise, we at Managed Encryption (together with the help of the ICO) set out to educate businesses and organisations on the importance of securing sensitive data, both public and business related.

In a recently published article, the ICO have set out a number of simple “IT security top tips”, which can be used as a simple checklist for any business or organisation of any nature – whether you’re an ecommerce retailer or a law firm.

What is the best way to secure my data?

Included in the article are basic tips like: installing a firewall and anti-spyware software, frequent virus-checking and keeping your operating system up to date. But perhaps the most poignant piece of advice in the article was to:

“Encrypt any personal information held electronically that would cause damage or distress if it were lost or stolen.”

A device that goes missing or get stolen represents a significant risk. Information held on the device could include sensitive information about your business, employees or customers. In the wrong hands that data could be used in any manner of ways to negatively impact your company’s reputation and/or finances.

Think to yourself: Can you afford to take the risk? Contact the team at MFG Managed Encryption to find out more about encryption.

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