Introducing Managed Encryption FDE Essentials for Windows

MFG Managed Encryption is pleased to now be able to offer a new Full Disk Encryption (FDE) License Type for Windows called ‘Essentials’ – for customers requiring a more basic, cost-friendly, yet highly secure Full Disk Encryption solution.

The ‘full’ Windows FDE client license has been renamed to ‘FDE Enterprise’, so now your customers will be able to choose from Enterprise or Essentials, depending on their requirements.

Enterprise vs. Essentials

The primary objective of FDE Essentials is to provide customers with a new lower-cost Full Disk Encryption option with lighter functionality and a simplified set of options, all-the-while maintaining all the security benefits of the Enterprise solution.

The Essentials license uses only BitLocker encryption and users can authenticate using a password (there is no Token or Smart Card support).

Essentials acts as a BitLocker management program and helps protect data and monitor and administer the built-in encryption in Microsoft Windows. You will be able to identify unprotected devices and configure pre-boot.

The Essentials licence also does not include free RME or RMCE licences, Disk Access Control or Port Blocking – which are all inclusive features of with the Enterprise version.

For more information, FDE Essentials pricing or to test a version of FDE Essentials for Windows, please contact your account manager at MFG.

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