IT Asset Managers – Prepare for the GDPR

As you’re already aware, the GDPR imposes many concerns for any business of any nature. In less than 18-months we will all have to become compliant with the GDPR or face a costly fine.

Many organisations are already becoming pro-active and are actively safeguarding their business (and their customers) by employing MFG’s fully managed encryption solution to combat the threat of data breaches. Data security is a huge concern for all businesses; however, some businesses are simply more pre-emptive than others.

Fast forward two years-time from now. The GDPR deadline has passed and you are an IT asset manager (ITAM) for a large organisation. There has been a major data breach and a large amount of customer information has been stolen. The penalty for this breach could be as high as 20million Euros or 4% of your annual global turnover, according to the GDPR.

Where are your IT assets?

As the IT asset manager, you are responsible for your entire organisations inventory of IT hardware, so your director asks you:

1) How many devices (PCs, laptops, servers, mobiles) does the organisation own?
2) What members of staff have access to them and where are they?
3) What software is installed on the devices and which applications actually used and by who?
4) Do the devices all have data encryption installed?

Would you, the ITAM be able to confidently and accurately answer those questions? It is not uncommon for organisations to suffer a data security breach on a device and not even know about it. Some directors aren’t even aware!

GDPR Discovery

This is unacceptable even under current laws… however in 2018, the GDPR will cause serious financial penalties, forcing businesses to take control of their IT devices. This event will have major implications for anyone in an ITAM or SAM role – so it’s your responsibility to bring your organisation up to speed with the GDPR and new data security regulations.

Becoming compliant with the GDPR starts with your GDPR Discovery. Managed Encryption and their Partner, The Business Software Centre have laid a clear path for your businesses GDPR discovery. We’re here to help. 

Thanks to Phil Hames at The Business Software Centre

GDPR Discovery Infographic by The Business Software Centre

GDPR Discovery Infographic by The Business Software Centre

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