Make MFA a priority for Microsoft 365

Nowadays, a secure password alone is not enough. Unfortunately, passwords provide users with a false sense of security. It’s a known fact that users tend to reuse the same password for multiple accounts. This can lead down a very dangerous road, with one data breach quickly unfolding into many. Luckily, there’s a simple solution to add another layer of protection over your online accounts: by enabling Multi-factor authentication (MFA).

What is Multi-factor authentication?

Multi-factor authentication (sometimes referred to as two-factor authentication) makes it harder for your account to be compromised. During the sign-in process the user is prompted for a second form of identification, something that is unique to the user, common forms include fingerprint scans, or the use of a unique code sent to a personal device like a phone.

Microsoft have their own Authenticator app which can be easily download to your device, this app provides a quick sign-in solution, generating a 6-digit code which renews every few seconds. Only after the second authentication is passed, the user can then sign in. This additional layer makes it considerably tougher for a hacker to gain access to an account.

Why is MFA important?

In a world that is increasingly becoming more digital, cyberattacks are not slowing down any time soon. The COVID-19 landscape in which we live in sees many businesses adapting to remote working, which only brings further cyber security challenges as opportunistic cyber criminals target those when they are at their most vulnerable.

As the use of technology intensifies, threats trail closely behind. There was a significant increase in cyber-attacks reported in the first few months of the Coronavirus Pandemic. Businesses are now recognising the heightened importance of security issues, and the significance of additional security measures. Ultimately with this mass shift to digital, critical gaps have become exposed. Employees now have remote access to confidential company data, so to ensure this data remains safe and uncompromised; MFA is a simple step which can be applied as prevention technique.

Although MFA might add an extra step to your busy day – which many may have quickly chosen to ignore in the past – this extra ‘effort’ can eliminate the chance of your account being compromised by over 90%. An extra step, we hope you agree is worth taking! So, make multi-factor authentication a priority in your business!

How to set up MFA

If your business is using Microsoft 365, we strongly recommend enabling MFA if you have not already, MFA is included within Microsoft 365 plans. Below is a short video we created, which demonstrates how to set up Multi-factor authentication via text to your mobile phone.

Still need help with Multi-factor Authentication for Microsoft 365?

If you’re an existing client, please contact our friendly support team for further guidance on how to enable MFA. For further security advice above and beyond MFA, we would be more than happy to explore additional options suitable for your business needs.

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