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Microsoft 365 for Business Delivered by MFG

Microsoft 365 (formerly Office 365) for business has a huge role to play in the Microsoft Modern Workplace. Microsoft 365 is a unified cloud-based solution designed in perfect partnership with the Windows 10 operating system. MS365 offers access to all your favourite Microsoft business software and programs such as Outlook, Word, Teams and SharePoint – with your data continually backed up in the cloud. Meanwhile you receive continual security updates to your business essential programs.

Thinking of Migrating to Microsoft 365?

That’s great news!… But there’s a reason why you’ve landed on this page. Perhaps you don’t know how to migrate to Microsoft 365 yourself, you’re fearful of the implications of change or you simply don’t realise the true benefits of Microsoft 365 vs your current Microsoft set-up? Allow us to help. Enjoy a new way of working with 365, delivered by MFG.

365 Cost Calculator

Microsoft Office 365 is now Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 is the productivity cloud that brings together your trusted Office apps with powerful cloud services, device management, and advanced security.

Microsoft 365 has the tools you need to work anytime, anywhere, on any device. It has the same Office apps you’ve used for years such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook, plus many new collaborations tools – whilst harnessing all the benefits of the cloud.

Download our Guide to take your Business to the Cloud with Microsoft 365

Simply input your email address to download our useful guide to take your Business to the Cloud with Microsoft 365, which offers a simple, easy to follow checklist of the steps you can take to see if your business can move to a full cloud solution.

    Work Smarter

    Get more work done however you choose to connect. Create, edit and share files on virtually any device.

    Work Together

    Work together in real-time with business class email in Exchange and Outlook plus Collaboration and Teamwork tools.

    Work Securely

    Safeguard against spam, malware, viruses, phishing and malicious links through a set of security features, all managed by MFG.

    Work Easier

    MFG manages your Windows 10 devices. When a user is added, they'll automatically receive your pre-configured settings.

    Buy Microsoft 365 from MFG – Microsoft Partner

    Deciding on the right Microsoft 365 package to suit your business needs can be a challenge. As a Microsoft Certified Silver Partner, MFG will work with you to choose the right Microsoft 365 plan, that aligns your business needs with your IT needs.

    If you don’t know how to use Microsoft 365 or what the impact of migrating might be, MFG can migrate your existing data to the Cloud with Microsoft 365 across your legacy devices. We’ll also advise you on the best strategies to help integrate Microsoft 365 into your business and provide on-going support to ensure you utilise all the features available to help you become more productive.

    Your favourite Microsoft Applications and more...

    Microsoft 365 Applications Library

    Microsoft 365 Migration Case Study

    FLB is an independent firm of Chartered Accountants in Berkshire. By migrating to Microsoft 365 with the assistance of MFG, FLB now enjoy Microsoft’s full cloud suite, that allows for collaborative working for remote staff. Their data now lives in Microsoft’s secure cloud-based environment that is continually updated to the latest version and offers a range of backup and security features.

    See Full Case Study

    Business Tools

    Connect better with colleagues and customers with a range of communication tools, from familiar email to file sharing to video conferencing.

    Brand your email address with your company name to build brand recognition and take your email everywhere you go.

    MFG loves Teamwork with Microsoft Teams

    Teamwork is one of our company values and it should be yours too! Share files with those inside (or outside) your company, from wherever you’re working and whenever you need to. With multi-party HD video, content sharing, shared calendars and team chat, you’ll always be in sync with your team.

    Microsoft Office to go!

    Whether you’re working in your office or on the go, all of your productivity tools stay with you. Office applications — updated monthly with exclusive features and security improvements — let you create, edit, and share from your Desktop or Laptop PC/Mac or your iOS, Android, or Windows device with anyone in real-time.

    Microsoft 365 Cost Calculator

    Please note, these plans are for corporate clients only. Please click here for charity/non-profit rates.

    At MFG we see this as a typical standard Microsoft 365 setup for businesses of up to 300 users. This setup secures your devices if data is held locally (e.g. my documents, or desktop), gives you shared data to use on SharePoint and allows your teams to chat and have meetings using Teams. All your favourite Microsoft applications are included as standard with Business Premium plans.

    Call Sales on 0118 914 8800 (opt 1) to discuss your Microsoft 365 Plan

    At MFG, we have a wealth of experience in selecting the right Microsoft 365 Plan to suit our customers – and we can help you too! Get in touch to schedule a 15 Minute Call to discuss how to take your business into the cloud with Microsoft 365.

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      Microsoft 365 Cost Calculator FAQs

      What users need a Microsoft Business Premium Licence?

      This licence type is for a user that uses a device/devices and therefore would require access to the additional features that come with Microsoft 365. This includes access to Exchange, personal data through OneDrive, global data through SharePoint and the use of Microsoft Teams for team collaboration as well as web and mobile versions of Office apps for example Word, Excel, PowerPoint.

      What users need a Microsoft 365 Business Basic licence?

      This licence type is best for users that require an easy, remote secure solution. This plan is ideal for users who don’t require every-day Office apps on their Desktops, but still need to access shared files and documents; such as Councillors within Town/Parish Councils or Committee members within clubs or organisations.

      Microsoft 365 Business Basic is a simplified version of Business Professional that allows access to web versions (accessible via your web browser) of Office apps: Teams, Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote.It includes 50 GB mailbox and offers more functionality than the Exchange Online Mailbox Only plan.

      What users need a Exchange Online (Plan 1)?

      This licence type is for users that only require an email address attached to your organisation for example info@ or sales@.

      Why do I need your Microsoft 365 backup?

      Microsoft only provides certain levels of protection to your data including:

      – Protection against loss of service due to hardware failure or natural disaster
      – Short-term protection against user and admin error (Recycle Bin, soft delete)

      It is up to the users to protect their data loss due to: Accidental deletion, hackers, ransomware, other malware. malicious insiders and departing employees.

      This is why Microsoft recommends third-party backup in the Service Availability section of its Services Agreement.

      How long are my backups saved for?

      Your Microsoft 365 data is backed up daily automatically; your backups will be ongoing as long as you are in a live contract.

      Can I have access to my backups & restores?

      Yes, you can have access to your login to the portal to manage your backups and restores if required.

      Why do you recommend Advanced Threat Protection if Microsoft 365 comes with security features?

      At MFG we recommend to layer up your Microsoft 365 account with Advanced Threat Protection to achieve superior email security. Unfortunately, email-enabled attacks are responsible for the largest and most destructive security breaches. Shoring up the email security weaknesses of Microsoft 365 with a layered approach is key to protecting businesses in the Modern Workplace. ATP provides a cost-effective solution whilst achieving superior security.

      How can your business benefit from Email Archiving?

      Email Security Archiving enables you to meet today’s increasingly stringent compliance and retrieval requirements, which demand that businesses store more data than ever before. It provides your business with a central location where you can easily access all email content; ensuring your business is GDPR compliant from the outset. Any email ever sent or received can be retrieved, even if it has been deleted from the original user’s mailbox, preventing lost data, whilst also reducing storage requirements. This component makes searching and archiving your organisation’s entire email history quick and easy, no matter how much data you must preserve.

      What is Exclaimer and do I need it?

      Exclaimer provides the ideal solution for centrally designing and controlling email signatures across your whole company. The design of the signature can be easily edited by the end user with our training resources, or you can opt for MFG to carry out the work for you for an additional fee. By law you are required to include certain information in your email signature for example your place of registration and company registration number. Exclaimer provides a single solution to ensure your business meets these requirements, failure to comply puts a company at risk of a fine of up to £1,000.

      What does the Microsoft 365 training by MFG include?

      This covers a basic overview of Microsoft 365, designed to make your staff aware of the key features and areas to look out for to ensure the system is running correctly. This session will go in depth through OneDrive, Teams and SharePoint, featuring live demos. E-learning and extra resources will also be given including the setup of a customised Microsoft SharePoint Learning Pathway. The training can be delivered virtually or in person.

      What do the one-off costs include?

      The standard one-off migration costs include:

      – Setup of Microsoft 365 Portal (users, groups & policies)
      – Migration of emails
      – Setup of Multi-factor Authentication
      – Setup of your Windows 10 devices (based on number of licences selected)
      – Migration of data to SharePoint
      – Project planning (a clear drawn up process decided with you of how the migration will be carried out)

      If selected in your quote:

      – Setup of Exclaimer, includes one design and training website
      – Basic training of Microsoft 365

      These costs are all one-off costs and are based on the actual migration and setup of Microsoft 365.

      Do I have to migrate through MFG?

      No, if applicable to your business you can purchase the licences and bolt-on’s with MFG and migrate yourslef if you have a capabilities in house.

      What are the benefits of buying Microsoft 365 licences through a Microsoft partner?

      The major benefit to purchasing your Microsoft Licences from a Microsoft Partner is access to flexible monthly billing allowing you to add and remove licences as you require. If you purchase directly from Microsoft your licences will be charged per year. Going through a partner will also give you access to support with your licences.

      How long will the migration process take to Microsoft 365?

      For an average size setup of 10-20 users including planning this would take two weeks. For a more accurate estimation for your business requirements please get in touch.

      Will there be any interruption to my system when migrating to Microsoft 365?

      MFG will project plan this with you; customers can decide on when the work is completed per stage. Our team draw this up and make sure you understand the process and what is required at each stage. This is all part of the project briefing with you. Any downtime would be planned in with you or done out of hours (as required and all part of planning).

      Can we add/remove additional licences in the future?

      Yes, this is one of the major benefits of buying through a Microsoft Partner as you have flexible monthly billing, you can add and remove new users as you require.

      Can we add Microsoft Teams Phone System?

      Yes this can be added easily to your system, however we will need to plan this with you so please contact us with a request.

      I am not currently an existing client of MFG, can I still get MFG to migrate my business to Microsoft 365?

      Yes, we can carry this out as a one-off migration project with the recurring licence costs as displayed on the Cost Calculator.

      What if I require a different licence type for my business can you provide these?

      Yes, we can provide different licences depending on your requirements, for example if you are eligible for enterprise we can provide you these licences and plan with you your Microsoft 365 package.