Microsoft Teams Increases Productivity

Microsoft Teams is an Office 365 tool designed to vastly increase your productivity – putting everything you do in one place, so you can work however you need to wherever you want.

At long last, no wading through pages of unrelated emails or sifting through file after file to find what you need: Teams brings different apps and documents together, so that all your work is immediately to hand. It also allows for easy communication: you can hold online meetings and conference calls to brainstorm from any location. You can even host a live meeting for up to ten-thousand people, making big presentations and large-scale co-ordination a breeze.

Microsoft Teams provides extensive integration – a massive library of apps can be connected to it, so even if you’re using vastly different tools, it can come together as one coherent set of work. It also offers excellent security, with end-to-end encryption, compliance and admin control options. You can carry out sensitive work without worrying about where it might end up, which is a necessity in today’s world of cyber security.

Microsoft Teams and Office 365 Delivered by MFG

At MFG, we use Teams to communicate internally, share files and send important information, safe in the knowledge that it’s fully protected. Teams is great for a company like MFG, because teamwork is important to us – it’s one of our company values! We know that good use of communication aids productivity and is vital for achieving great results. Teams and Office 365 truly provide the tools that allow us to work.

Teams is the perfect option for people looking to organise and streamline their work and switching to Office 365 makes this extensive co-ordination and integration even easier. With the full Office 365 suite, you’ll also gain access to apps like OneDrive and SharePoint, allowing for greater storage and extra security such as multi-factor authentication for users. As a Microsoft Certified Silver Partner, MFG has ample experience assisting clients in making the switch to Office 365, helping to vastly improve their functionality and productivity. We recently helped Reading based Chartered Accountants FLB make the switch by migrating them from working on a disparate set of non-integrating apps to a truly collaborative, flexible and future proof working experience.

So, make the switch to Office 365 today and start working as a team in the truest sense. Call us on 0118 914 8800 (opt 1) or email us on

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