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Hello and welcome to MFG

Whether you’re a new client teaming up with MFG, or you’ve recently joined your company as a member of staff – we’re super excited to be working with you! As you’ll soon find out, we do things a little differently to most traditional IT companies. We’re not here to keep you ‘ticking-over’ – we take a more pro-active role over your organisation’s IT to maximise your efficiency and plan for your future goals.

Learn More About MFG

Full Video Transcript

Just like the start of any good relationship, we want you to get to know us. This short video is designed to help you know “what’s-what” and “who’s-who” at MFG. You are going to learn:

  • A little bit about MFG
  • About your IT service desk
  • How to log tickets
  • What tasks are considered a “10-minute fix”
  • Examples on our “critical” list
  • About site visits and loan machines


A little bit about MFG

So here’s a little about us. We were established in 2008 and back then we operated from Mark’s living room. As you can see, our team has grown since then and we’re now based at Theale Lakes Business Park, in Reading – conveniently close to Britain’s most Dog Friendly Pub.

We’re fully aware that our attitude towards our customers determines their attitude towards us. We will always put you first and strive to deliver the best technology coupled with lightning-fast response times – on top of that, we’ve created an awesome lifestyle for our staff to reward the people who make MFG so great.

Being part of MFG means being part of a thriving culture and a united team, built on the solid foundations of our company values. As our client, you are very important to us; our values also help us deliver the highest quality customer experience and we will always determine the best solution for you.


About your IT service desk

We operate extended opening hours which are: Monday – Friday, 8am – 6pm, except for public holidays or unless you have an agreed out-of-hours support contract.

Your Service Desk Team will be looking after you from now on and will ensure any important IT matters, however big or small, are taken care of.


How to log a ticket

You can log tickets via three different methods:

  • By phone on 0118 914 8800 (option 2)
  • By email on support[at]mfg-uk.com, or
  • By using Autotask, our ticketing system

To log a ticket you will need to provide your name, the company you work for and the asset tag number of your device.

MFG have developed a unique way of dealing with client IT issues, which has proven success. When an issue comes in to our service desk it is identified with one of the following four flags – in accordance with your company’s service level agreement: standard ticket, critical, 10-minute fix or requires onsite visit. Here’s how it works…


Standard ticket

A standard ticket gets placed into the service desk queue and is actioned in accordance with your company service level agreement.



Our service desk operates with a “critical list” which are issues that get in the way of you being able to work and are actioned right away.

The critical list includes…

  • You cannot login to your machine
  • The company internet is down
  • The company network or server is down
  • A critical business application is not functioning for the entire company


10-minute fix

If you call us to raise a ticket that is not critical, we will attempt a “10-minute fix” where possible. This means if one of our engineers determine that your issue can be resolved within 10 minutes, we will begin working on it immediately.

If the attempted fix goes over 10 minutes, we will agree a convenient time within your company service level agreement to investigate further.


Onsite visit

If we are unable to resolve your issue remotely and it is determined that an onsite visit is required; we will arrange a convenient time with yourselves for an engineer to carry out any required work at your office.


Loan machines

We place great importance on achieving a first-time fix, but if we are not able to resolve an incident remotely or onsite, we will provide you with a loan device to allow you to continue working, in accordance with your agreed service level agreement for that asset.

Meanwhile we’ll further investigate the issues with your device from our workshop. Then once fixed, we will agree a convenient time to return and swap with the loan machine.


Now we’re going to introduce you to our Service Delivery Manager

Hi I’m Sam Hutchings, thank you for coming on board with  MFG. I’m the Service Delivery Manager here and I’m responsible for maintaining a high quality of service is being delivered to yourselves and ensuring the Service Desk provides a quick response time.

You’re very important to us, so myself and the Service Desk Team will go out of our way to maintain a good working relationship with yourselves, help with your company services, mitigate your security risks and ensure overall good user satisfaction. 

We’re extremely fortunate to employ some of the best engineers around who have a genuine passion for technology and helping others.

I hope to meet you all in person sometime!


We hope you found this video useful and we look forward to working with you. Please speak to your company’s designated primary contact for more information on your company service level agreement with MFG.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.