GDPR Video – Our View on The General Data Protection Regulation

In this short GDPR video, our Business Development Manager, Tajinderpal Ginda (Taj) gives us a data security and GDPR overview.

Here at MFG Managed Encryption we take our client’s data security very seriously. With data security becoming a growing concern for many business and organisations we are continually being asked a number of familiar questions; “what is the GDPR?”, “how do we become compliant with the GDPR?”, or perhaps more broadly; “how do I secure my businesses data?”.

As well as providing and managing a number of encryption solutions to solve your data security issues, we also carry a wealth of knowledge of regulatory requirements. We also work closely with IT Governance who are always on hand to advise on data security measures.

GDPR Overview Video Transcript:

How we define a data breach can be interpreted and perceived differently, some of us may not even know we’re at risk, however the facts and statistics show that data breaches are a bigger problem than most of us realise.

According to a recent Cyber Governance report, two-thirds of large UK businesses are hit by cyber security attacks, but directors are not even told about them.

Many organisations have been proactive and are looking into reassessing procedures of how data is handled, retained and processed.

This will now be more vital as the implementation of the new General Data Protection Regulation comes into place as of the 25th May 2018. You may have heard of this as the GDPR.

Data regulations are changing worldwide; it is now more important than ever for organisations to revisit practices to ensure they are compliant with the regulation as fines following a breach will be as high as €20m or 4% of your global Turnover (whichever is higher).

The ICO strongly recommends some form of encryption as a base layer of data security.

Sensitive data such as personal, company, intellectual property or documents can be very valuable for organisations and very damaging if in the wrong hands. By protecting the base layer of your organisation you are not only becoming compliant with regulatory policies, but also securing your brand integrity and quite possibly even gaining competitive advantage.

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