Realise the full power of Microsoft Teams with its latest updates

Microsoft Teams is an integrated application within Microsoft 365, and is the ideal platform for driving collaboration and teamwork. Since the start of the global pandemic many businesses have adopted Microsoft Teams to aid and adapt to the demands of remote working. In October Microsoft reported that Teams had reach 115 million daily active users!

What does Microsoft Teams include?

Microsoft Teams has been designed as a hub for both communication and collaboration allowing business to achieve more, wherever, whenever. Users have the ability to message, chat, call, share files, access apps and much more. Gone are the days of long delays to your emails. Teams enables quick real time communication, enhancing productivity. Everything is in one central location allowing users to spend less time searching for files and switching across multiple platforms. Time saved, means more hours of productivity! Teams even enables users to collectively work on documents whilst on video calls, giving users real time collaboration. Remote working has never been so easy!

Microsoft Teams also provides extensive integration with apps and workflow automation. Within Teams is a massive library of apps which you can integrate to your account, enabling you to simplify your work even further with enhanced connectivity. Teams also offers excellent security, with end-to-end encryption, compliance and admin control options. You can carry out sensitive work without worrying about where it might end up – a necessity in today’s world of cyber security. However, MFG do recommend users to not become complacent and add an extra layer of security to your account with Multi-factor authentication.

With Microsoft 365 constantly announcing new and improved features, there has never been a better time to transform your workplace. Being a cloud-based service, 365 users have access to new updates as and when they’re rolled-out by Microsoft.

What’s new with Microsoft Teams?

Message Previews

To enhance privacy further you can now turn off message previews in your desktop notifications

To turn them off, go to your profile, select Settings > Notifications > Show message preview

Meetings on the go

You can now switch devices when participating in a Teams meeting without any drop out time, making meetings on the go seamless.

Appear offline

For the times when you want to avoid disturbance, you can now set your status to offline, enabling users to work inside Teams without the hassle of your team knowing. Teams messages will still be delivered to you, but you will have less pressure to respond.

Live captions

You can now see who’s speaking along with what’s being said, making meetings more inclusive and easier to follow for viewers.


If there is a ‘leader’ of a meeting you can now pin that individual for the video to focus on, once pinned the individual will show as the main video and focus point for all participants.

Microsoft Whiteboard read-only mode

Enable read-only mode on the whiteboard to prevent any unwanted editing, but you can still enable editing for those meetings where you want participants to collaborate using the whiteboard.

Language-aware proofing

Communicate using multiple languages in Microsoft Teams, Teams can now detect when you switch languages and spellcheck will adjust accordingly.

Background noise removal

Real-time suppression has been introduced to get rid of background noise during those important meetings.

… Plus much more!!

New Features coming soon to Microsoft Teams

Break Out Rooms

A highly demanded feature, which enables the host to break off participants into their own rooms for smaller more intimate discussions.

Virtual commute

Teams will introduce virtual commutes next year, enabling users to unwind after a long day. The commute has been designed to officially mark the beginning and end of the day, helping to mark the boundary between work and home life.

What’s stopping you? Transform your workplace and reach new goals with the power of Teams with Microsoft 365!

MFG can safely migrate you over to Microsoft 365 to enable you to unleash the full potential of Teams at no extra cost. We can help you manage Microsoft Teams, design best practices and customize your Microsoft Teams environment to help you effectively switch on the power of teamwork within your business. As a Microsoft Certified Silver Partner, MFG have extensive experience assisting clients in making the switch to Microsoft 365, helping to vastly improve their functionality and productivity.

If you still in need of a little convincing? Check out the Microsoft Teams Demo which will navigate you around the platform so you can witness firsthand the true possibilities, or contact MFG to learn more about Teams. Why not calculate your Microsoft 365 costs using our online calculator…?

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