Service Delivery KPIs

We use our Service Delivery KPIs to monitor and evaluate our performance

MFG’s Service Delivery KPIs

This page is designed to show clients our Service Delivery KPIs (Key Performance Indicators). At the start of each month, we’ll publish our previous month’s KPIs which detail our performance. We believe our services should be transparent, therefor we record the previous three months to highlight our service over the previous quarterly period.

At MFG, we’re continually improving our services. On top of that, we’re extremely fortunate to employ some of the best local engineers, who have a genuine passion and motivation towards bettering the customer service for our clients.

These KPIs are just four (of many) we use to monitor and evaluate our performance. They have been carefully chosen to genuinely reflect our service and the excellent work performed by the Service Desk. However, if there’s another specific statistic you would like to see – perhaps to benchmark against your current IT service provider, then please get in touch!

One of MFG’s company values is Honesty. We’re extremely honourable with these figures, which have been displayed for the benefit of our customers. These numbers are pulled directly from AutoTask, our ticketing system and CRM.

On a high note, we believe that our service delivery results are always above the industry average. So, a very “well done” to our Service Desk team who are always working hard to improve our services, and thus our Service Delivery KPIs as a result.

Our Service Desk KPIs
Here's how we performed in November 2021
Number of Tickets Resolved
First Response SLA
Resolution Plan SLA
Happiness Factor

Previous Month's KPIs

Tickets Resolved

Tickets Resolved


First Response SLA: (99.90%)


Resolution Plan SLA: (99.20%)


Customer Happiness Factor: (100%)


Tickets Resolved


First Response SLA: (99.70%)


Resolution Plan SLA: (97.90%)


Customer Happiness Factor: (97.20%)


Tickets Resolved


First Response SLA: (99.5%)


Resolution Plan SLA: (97.9%)


Customer Happiness Factor: (96.8%)


KPIs Explained

Number of Service Tickets Resolved

This is the total number of support request tickets that our Service Desk resolved in the previous month.

Our Service Desk covers a wide range of support requests – big or small – from system changes or upgrades to fixing problems. We include this KPI to give you an idea of the Service Desk demand for a given month.

Rest assured, we ensure we have the skills and staffing resources needed to achieve service excellence month in month out.

First Response SLA Met & Resolution Plan Met (as a percentage)

Managing expectations is part of our culture at MFG. It’s important for us that our customers know what to expect from us, so that they have full confidence in us. These expectations are set using our Service Level Agreements (SLAs), which have been built around two key factors, urgency, and impact. This represents a promise to deal with customers’ IT issues and requests within a certain timeframe. It is really important to us that our clients understand the service terms in their contract.

Our SLA KPI is calculated on the percentage of first response and resolution plan met within client agreed response times. This is based on all tickets logged across our client base as a whole.

Happiness Factor (as a percentage)

Customer satisfaction is a key driver for the work we do at MFG. We’re continually looking to improve our customer service – and as such, we’ve introduced a simple customer satisfaction score survey, where you (our customers) can rate the service you received on your Service Desk ticket – Excellent (Gold), Good (Green), Average (Amber) or Poor (Red).

This KPI is based on the feedback response we receive from clients on our closed tickets. The Happiness Factor is the % split between happy & disappointed customers. Gold and Green feedback being positive, Amber and Red feedback being negative.

Customers: You will notice a set of icons at the bottom of your regular ‘Ticket closure’ emails once a task is marked as complete. So, the next time you see these icons, we would really appreciate if you could take a few moments to rate the service you received and provide further written feedback if you feel the need.

You can also read some of our client reviews on Google.

Contact our friendly team

If you’re an existing client that needs further help or support, please call our Service Desk on 0118 914 8800 or email Or if you would like to speak to a member of our sales team, please follow the link to our contact page…