Staff Awards 2020 Winners Announced!

As we say goodbye to a somewhat challenging 2020, we wanted to take a moment to reflect on our staff who went above and beyond over the last year, particularly in such unprecedented circumstances. Our team worked tirelessly to adapt to the new way of working, whilst ensuring our clients were still provided with high quality service. This is reflected in some of the amazing 5-star Google reviews we received last year.

We even witnessed members of our team offering their time from 7pm to 9pm to help with further demand during the early months of the pandemic, completely free of charge for our customers. We are so proud of how our staff members came together so quickly to assist with a challenging situation.

Although it was a slightly different award ceremony this year, it was one which was still very much enjoyed virtually. The awards were announced on Friday 5th February along with Mark and Bryn’s live Charity head shave, a great evening for all the team to come together to celebrate our combined success.

This year’s awards were based on our company values and were voted on by all members of staff. Then we had the final winner of our Employee of the Year trophy award which was decided on by the Management Team based on the following criteria:

  • Attendance
  • Going above and beyond
  • Company values (following our company values closely)
  • Staff values (following and respecting our staff values closely)
  • Personal accomplishments (checked via focus sheets)
  • Team/ Business accomplishments (checked via focus sheets)

So, without further ado the winners of the 2020 MFG staff awards are…


  • Teamwork winner: Chris Hurdle
  • Teamwork runner-up: Shubas Gurung


  • Attitude winner: Chris Hurdle
  • Attitude runner-up: Shubas Gurung


  • Enthusiasm winner: Shubas Gurung
  • Enthusiasm runner-up: David Bell


  • Continuous learning winner: Jason Alleyne
  • Continuous learning runner(s)-up: Sam Hutchings, Yassi El Badawi, Shubas Gurung & Shirley Griffiths


  • Honesty winner: Mark Flinders
  • Honesty runner(s)-up: Maureen Anker & Sam Hutchings


  • Efficiency winner: Tracey Bull
  • Efficiency runner(s)-up: Sam Hutchings, Ben Singyard, Yassi El Badawi, Chris Hurdle & Shirley Griffiths


  • Respect winner: Tracey Bull
  • Respect runners-up: Ben Singyard, Denise Salsbury & Chris Hurdle


  • Team of the year winner: Service Desk Team
  • Team of the year runners-up: The Admin Team


Employee of the Year Winner: Shubas Gurung

Congratulations to our all winners, we are very excited for a bright 2021!

Lastly… The Head Shave

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