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Cyber Liability Insurance Cover For Unencrypted Businesses

Cyber attacks have become a key risk for businesses. The impact of these attacks on businesses can be severe, even catastrophic in some cases. Vulnerabilities in a company’s infrastructure can compromise both their current financial situation and their reputation. A number of recent incidents have emphasised how vulnerable businesses can be at the hands of hackers, such as the recent Ransomware attacks on a number of big businesses around the world, and in the UK; where we saw its crippling effects on the National Health Service.

ICO Recommends Encryption as Top IT Security Tip

We often preach about the good of work of the ICO. The ICO is the UK’s independent authority set up to uphold information rights in the interest of the public. With data breaches on the rise, we at Managed Encryption (together with the help of the ICO) set out to educate businesses and organisations on the importance of securing sensitive data, both public and business related.

Organisations Face Uncertainty with the GDPR

Data breaches seem to be one of the hot topics and a growing concern for many organisations. Many companies seem to lack the appropriate security measures and fail to meet the regulations set out by the government about protecting sensitive or personal data. It is evident that some organisations are unsure about what they are facing with the GDPR.