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Why Gain your Cyber Essentials Certification?

These days, cyber security is a big business. Cyber attacks are becoming ever more common, with some of the most high-profile global brands having experienced a serious breach of cyber security; Facebook, British Airways and Marriott are just a few names to recently be hit with a fine as the result of a breach. With hackers using ever-more sophisticated technology, information security isn’t just a ‘nice to have’ addition. It’s essential. That’s where the Cyber Essentials Scheme comes in....

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Physical servers…. Should they be encrypted?

Virtual Environments such as Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure are becoming a popular choice for cloud storage, but it isn’t uncommon for businesses to operate and manage their own physical servers – either on premise or via third-party data centres - and the data they hold is incredibly valuable. But, given their static existence, do they really need to be encrypted? Often, articles will suggest that these physical servers do not need to be encrypted. The arguments are usually as follows: Physical servers are usually well-protected within business' walls, inside an even more secure data centre The servers can, and usually do, run for many months or years before being brought down Full Disk Encryption (FDE) is really only for the protection of data 'at rest' - physical servers usually keep data moving Adding another layer of security comes at the cost of reduced convenience These statements are accurate, but we don't...

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