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Windows 10 Version 1803 Nightmares and Why you should Patch Manage

If we had £1 for every time we stressed the importance of patch management alongside any Windows 10 version update, we would be sailing around the Bahamas in a Yacht. But we're not in it for the Yacht - we love helping our Encryption partners and here's another article on Windows 10 Patch Management. Patch management is an ongoing process to help organisations acquire, test and install multiple patches on existing applications and software on a computer or device. As with a lot of Windows feature upgrades, Windows 10 1803 (RS4) has seen many hiccups along the way, from its late arrival due to a blocking bug (1), to certain Surface Pro (2017) owners being hitting with blue screens of death when trying to update to Win10 1803 (2)… which was later found out to be connected to the issue with Win10 1803 being incompatible with Toshiba Solid State Drives (3)… The...

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