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Security risks as Windows 7 goes End of Life – key things to consider

'End of life' might be a phrase with not so dramatic consequences for operating systems unlike human beings, but if you are currently using Windows 7, your ears should prick up. In this article, we look at the 'need to know' for Windows 7 users as the product approaches its end of life date, and weigh up the most relevant security risks. What's the deal? One of the most pressing concerns which Windows 7 users have is if they will be able to use their computer with the Windows 7 operating system after the product's official end of life date, which is 14th January 2020. The answer to that is yes, but what should not be ignored are the potential security vulnerabilities which Windows 7 users will be exposed to if they don't upgrade to Windows 10. The official word Microsoft themselves have underlined the importance of upgrading your operating system ahead of time:...

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