Hello MFG, Ben Speaking…

Ben Singyard, Senior Encryption Specialist

An experienced Senior Engineer who specialises in managing and maintaining server infrastructure for MFG’s Managed Encryption service.

Responsible for the on-going development and availability of the managed end-point encryption service, as well as the off-site Cloud Backup solution we offer to our clients.

As a GDPR Practitioner, I also act as an internal point of contact for colleagues querying data protection practices.

I enjoy working at MFG for the opportunity to always be heard (and challenged) on new ideas/ways forward. The company is on for progression and growth and the culture we have promotes listening to everyone.

Methodical Analyst/Troubleshooting 0

Windows Workstation and Server Support 0

Data (Loss) Protection Practices 0

Technical Writing 0

Ben's Staff Awards

2018 – Biggest Drama Queen
2017 – Employee of the Year