Hello MFG, Ben Speaking…

Ben Singyard, Project Manager

I’m the Project Manager for MFG UK, reporting to the Technical Director.

I have been working with MFG for 5 years and have helped contribute to our continuous growth over this period. I manage MFG’s project team responsible for implementing various IT solutions for our customers and am directly accountable for planning and executing other varied projects, including Office 365 migrations to the Cloud and IT infrastructure upgrades.

I am also responsible for the ongoing development and maintenance our hosted Managed Encryption solution, and being a qualified GDPR Practitioner, complements my involvement in Data Protection and Security.

I enjoy working at MFG for the opportunity to always be heard (and challenged) on new ideas/ways forward. The company is on for progression and growth and the culture we have promotes listening to everyone.

Office 365 0

Data Security 0

Task and Resource Planning 0

Improving Customer Experience 0

Ben's Staff Awards

2019 – IT Jargon (Joint Winner)
2018 – Biggest Drama Queen
2017 – Employee of the Year