Hello MFG, David Speaking…

David Bell, Marketing Manager

As Marketing Manager, I’m here to promote just how great MFG are – which is actually the easiest part of my job, because we really are great!

My time is evenly split between MFG UK, and our encryption subsidiary, MFG Managed Encryption. This offers a lot of job variety.

Generally, I’m responsible for driving MFG’s content strategy from awareness through to conversion, ensuring a stream of engaging content is created, uploaded and promoted on all of our digital channels.

SEO and PPC are my areas of expertise, but I also take care of the company’s brand representation, social media, design for print, photography and pretty much anything else that helps improve lead generation and keeps current customers/partners informed.

I enjoy working as part of a team and MFG promotes a happy and fun working environment.

Photoshop 0

InDesign 0


Google Ads 0

David's Staff Awards

2019 – Enthusiasm Award
2019 – Office Popstar
2019 – Team MFG Pancake Race Winner
2018 – Biggest Practical Joker
2017 – Most Beautiful Person