Hello MFG, David Chambers Speaking…

David Chambers, On-site Engineer

Hi there, I’m David, one of MFG’s Onsite Support Engineers.

My role mainly entails visiting our customer’s offices to carry out various IT related tasks, such as installing and delivering of new, refurbished, upgraded (and sometimes repaired) IT equipment and hardware.

I really enjoy working onsite with clients as each day is varied, sometimes I’m setting up desktop machines/monitors and the next I’m troubleshooting network setups and setting up access points.

I have a great bunch of colleagues at MFG, and the management is amongst the best I’ve ever worked with in my IT career. Offering great customer service is paramount at MFG.

IT Hardware 0

Network Troubleshooting 0

Office 365 0

Windows Updates 0

David's Staff Awards

2019 – Team MFG Pancake Race Winner