Woof Woof MFG, Reggie Speaking…

Reggie Flinders, Staff Well-being Dog

I have the role of Well-being Dog here at MFG. The humans that work at MFG are extremely good at what they do, but humans being humans, they can get a little stressed at times and they just need to chill out…. and that’s where I come in.

If people are having a rrrrrrrruff day, I’m a canine colleague that the team can use to talk to, stroke and generally lift the weight off their shoulders. After a good five-minute doggy de-stress, people usually feel much better, their blood pressure is lowered and they have a huge smile on their face.

Other than my doggy de-stress duties, I’m also in charge of cleaning the kitchen after all those mucky-pups… and I also double up as an excellent guard dog.

I love working for MFG because everyone is very kind and there’s no doggy discrimination.

Staff Stress Relief 0

Office Security - Paw Patrol 0

Kitchen Cleaning 0

Snoring 0

Reggie's Staff Awards

2017 – Best Newcomer