Hello MFG, Sam Lloyd Speaking…

Sam Lloyd, Service Desk Engineer

As a Service Desk Engineer with a special focus on encryption, my role is to help maintain the company’s and our partner’s/client’s managed devices.

By carrying out thorough testing of devices and deployment methods the aim is to ensure the process is smooth as possible for both partners and customers.

I am responsible for carrying out the initial troubleshooting for any encryption issues, user additions/removals and any other requests that may pop up for our managed devices.

I enjoy working for MFG as they have a very relaxed and sociable environment.

BitLocker/SecureDoc 0

Windows 10 Upgrades 0

Data Recovery 0

Hardware Setup (Mobiles, Desktop, Laptops) 0

Sam's Staff Awards

2018 – Grown Most in Confidence
2017 – Grown Most in Confidence