MFG: Winners at Wealth & Money Management Awards 2016

The Wealth & Money Management Awards rewards and recognises the hard work and dedication of businesses and individuals working within the finance industry. The awards acknowledge those businesses that have gone above and beyond to achieve great results for their clients.

The Wealth & Money Management Awards appreciate that “finance management can be a daunting and complicated task”. With a stringent judging process which ensures that all winners truly deserve their award, The Wealth & Money Management Awards is renowned as a truly prestigious and celebrated award.

MFG are proud to have been presented the award for ‘Winners of Best for Technology Auditing 2016’. Commenting on the firm’s recent success was Managing Director, Mark Flinders…

“We’re thrilled to accept this award and be recognised for our dedication to our clients working in a truly complex and changing industry,” said Mark Flinders. “At a time when data breaches and the demand for IT security is at an all time high, we have made a huge commitment to evolve our services and product offering to achieve the highest quality results. Most recently, we launched our latest product; ‘MFG Managed Encryption’, which helps businesses to increase their security measures on personal and sensitive data and minimises risk with data handling”.

Helping businesses protect their data

MFG is already helping businesses and organisations protect their data through Managed Encryption solutions. Two of MFG’s clients reside in the “top 100 financial companies in the UK”, including The Succession Group.

“With the help from our technology partner, WinMagic we will continue to help clients meet their privacy/regulatory compliance requirements, whilst protecting valuable company information against unauthorized access, theft or loss”, continued Mark.

Mark Flinders and the team at MFG Managed Encryption aim to continue their success and commitment to their customers and expand on their encryption solutions into 2017.

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