Why Cyber Awareness Training should be a priority, particularly in COVID-19 times

The Coronavirus Pandemic launched businesses worldwide into chaos, with firms rushing to find a quick and easy remote solution so that they could keep operating. Evidently, priority lists got reshuffled and with that; Cyber Security dropped near the bottom. With workforces embracing this mass shift to remote working, new threats have become exposed. When the chance of human error increases, so do the security risks. This is where Cyber Awareness training has an important role to play in any organisation.

Our world has become increasingly reliant on technology and the use of the internet to remain connected, causing even more scope for cyber attacks. Employees have dispersed across the globe and with that, firms have less control over the security of sensitive data, with susceptibilities in using personal devices (BYOD), domestic Wi-Fi and weak passwords.

COVID-19 related Cyber scams: A case for Cyber Awareness Training

Since the start of the Pandemic, major breaks for hackers have surfaced with various scams relating to COVID-19 coming to light, leaving remote workers as vulnerable targets of Cyber attacks. Hackers have become experts in impersonating trustworthy sources such as the GOV.UK, the World Health Organisation and the NHS through COVID-19 related phishing campaigns. In such unprecedented times, it would appear we have become less likely to recognise a scam.

Train your most invaluable asset: your employees

In the past, organisations have overlooked the invaluable part employees can play when it comes to preventing Cyber attacks. The easiest way for an attacker to succeed is through knocking down the most vulnerable layer of defence; the users. If users have not already been sufficiently trained and educated on identifying potential malicious threats, they are likely to become an attacker’s best friend. Your employees are one of your greatest assets in Cyber Security and can be one of the greatest preventions if equipped with the right education.

Stop, Challenge and Protect

In our new technology-driven society, Cyber Security must become a priority, and training your employees is the best place to start. Once trained, your workers will feel more confident and equipped when faced with potential malicious threats. Training will enable employees to form a powerful first layer of defence so they can – Stop, Challenge and Protect.

MFG Cyber Awareness Training

MFG offer a Cyber Security Awareness Training course, designed by our partners at  OSP Cyber Academy. The course was developed by an experienced Cyber Security Chief Training Officer (CTO) and is certified under the GCHQ GCT scheme. It has been designed to make users aware of the potential signs of a malicious threat and become Cyber Savvy. It is easily accessible online enabling users to complete it anywhere.

Get in touch to find out more, contact the Cyber Team at MFG today. Call 0118 914 8800 (opt 1) or email info@mfg-uk.com.

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