Why Simulated Phishing Campaigns are so Important

Cyber-crime is one of the most pressing challenges facing businesses and other organisations in the modern age. Cyber awareness training can help your staff to understand security techniques and best practices that can protect against data leaks and other threats. Viruses and other malware are a constant danger, but the most common type of attack is Phishing.

What is Phishing?

Phishing can be a fraudulent attempt to obtain sensitive information such as passwords and financial details by masquerading as a trustworthy entity, usually via email. According to a new report from the department for digital, culture, media and sport (DCMS), 80% of UK businesses affected by a cyber-attack in the past year were hit with a Phishing scam.

Some cyber security threats can be reduced by security systems and firewalls, but the human element can remain a weak link, which is why Phishing training, including Phishing simulation for employees, is so important.

Embrace a Cyber Security Culture

MFG encourage their staff and clients to embrace a security culture. Your employees should know that there is no shame in being asked to attend training sessions and increase their awareness when it comes to this type of attack.

As already noted, successful Phishing attacks are common, and fraudsters are becoming increasingly sophisticated. Emails purporting to be from a trusted source and fake websites can be extremely realistic. Other emails will appear to be legitimate messages between colleagues. Cyber-criminals also frequently use different levels of interaction with the victim to trick them into breaking standard security practices. This practice is known as social engineering and is often used in conjunction with Phishing techniques.

As an added bonus to running simulated Phishing emails and cyber awareness training in your workplace, your employees will also be able to take what they’ve learned away from the workplace, helping to protect themselves and their families from Phishing attacks over personal emails.

The ‘MFG Approach’ to Effective Phishing Campaigns

At MFG, we believe every business should be made aware of cyber threats (like Phishing) irrespective of their cyber resiliency budgets. That’s why we pass on our experience and knowledge and provide training that can help them to recognise these dangers. This kind of cyber awareness training is very important, but the programme can be twice as effective when combined with a Phishing test.

Unlike other staff Phishing simulation campaigns, MFG will involve getting to know your business and building a tailored Phishing campaign around real-life scenarios rather than relying on generic Phishing emails.

If you don’t invest in Phishing protection and prevention, such as basic staff awareness, then you can easily become a victim – like many thousands of businesses do each year. And guess what?… MFG are currently offering new and existing customers a free Phishing campaign* – so get in touch to see how MFG can help you today.

*Free Phishing campaign available until 31st October 2019. Terms apply.

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